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FSRxc Comp

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I'm wanting to get out of hardtail and go for my first full suspension. Right now I'm on a Giant Yukon (with Dart 1's... ick) and I want to upgrade to something entirely new.

Question is: Is this an alright full suspension bike to start on? This is one of the few bikes that they make a frame big enough (I'm about 6'5-6'6) and seemed like it had pretty good stock components on it.
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I'm happy with mine which I bought 2 months ago. I'm 6'1" about 190# and use it on very technical terrain. As a former NORBA racer and coming back to the scene I wanted something decent but wouldn't break the bank. I believe this bike will do it. My first upgrade will be the fork down the line but the TORA 302SL works good. The frame is awesome and as parts wear/brake it's worth putting the upgrades into it. The geometry of the bike is sweet and rides like a dream. IMHO you can't go wrong.
Well if I can come up with the money to buy it, theres no way I'll be able to upgrade anything. Haha. Thanks for the input.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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