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FSR XC. upgrades that dont void warranty

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anyone know about a shock upgrade that wouldent void the warranty on my 08 fsr xc?
i would like a more AM friendly set up, thanks in advance.
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What shock do you have?

I serviced the X-Fusion air sleeve on my 06 and the ride got super plush. The best mod I did was removing the 30 MM travel spacer in the RS TORA 318 (serviced this too) to get a full 130 MM travel. Made descending way more confident and climbed just as well. A wider bar helped too. :thumbsup:

wait.. nevermind
It's gonna be tough to find a shock in those dimensions. 7.0 x 1.6 is not standard sizing amongst shock makers.

Because of the frame design, you need to stick to the shock's eye to eye and stroke measurements. You're also limited to inline shocks - shocks with a reservoir won't clear the frame.

You could call Push - they might be able to work something out. Other than that, you're in a tough spot.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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