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FSR or 29er - opinions plz

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I'm looking for some input. I currently have an old stumpjumper hardtail that I am very capable on. The bike needs some serious upgrades and I am looking into getting a new bike. I tried the Stumpjumper fsr Elite on one of my local trails and found it sluggish and heavy. I had trouble remembering to lockout the rear suspension on climbs and let it loose on the downhill. I had difficulty lifting up the front end to clear obsticals - too heavy or geometry? Maybe I am a weakling...

I am now leaning towards either the Stumpjumper HT 29", Gary Fisher Superfly 29er, or Specialized Epic FSR (it has the brain). I ride in the Boulder/Golden area of Colorado which has some pretty rough terrain. I have been fairly capable on my hardtail but maybe I could be a lot faster. I don't race but like going very fast and not too worried about comfort - I am out of the saddle on the rough stuff anyway. My weakness is climbing which is why I am leaning towards a hardtail or brain to help me with my weakness.

Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Let me know if you want to riding sometime too.
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