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FSR bearing replacement

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I need to replace the junk specialized roller bearings in the shock link on my 9 month old Enduro as they were not lubricated from the factory. Specialized will not stand behind there product, even though they claim to have a one year warranty.
Anyway, it looks like I need to replace them myself, so I am wondering if anyone has had any luck using aftermarket parts from a bearing supplier.
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your bike shop/specialized dealer should handle the warantee meaning if the shop says it's bad they will fix it and send specalized the bill for them to get paid. you just deal with the shop.

thats how my shop works
I tried that , but I dont think the dealer backed me up. Unfortunaly the dealer I purchased from is no longer with Specialized, so I went to another. Wasn't real happy with the techs knowledge. May try another. Thanks
Keep shopping shops until you find a good one that knows what they're doing. There are A LOT of sh*tty bike shops out there, so keep looking.

Also, I believe you will void your frame warranty if you 'eff with them yourself.
bearings are bearings, Ones made in Germany and Japan are the best I have seen. Pop off the rubber seals carefuly, pack them with waterproof grease, install on your bike.

Note: There is an internal shoulder that seprates the smaller swingarm bearings.
FSR bearing failures

Thanks for the replies. Found anther shop ( 40 miles away ), who obviously understood what I was telling them about the problem and was able to relay that to the Specialized warr rep. Had the repair completed in three days. Cost me 25 bucks, but I was still pleased with the outcome.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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