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FSA XC-300 and Wheelset Advice

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Hey everybody. I am looking at buying some new wheels and I am seriously contemplating the FSA XC-300s. There are only three things holding me back:

1. Aluminum nipples - everybody on the reviews doesn't like them
2. I am 210lbs and 6'1" so a 24 spoke wheelset may be a little sketchy
3. FSA's site says that the wheels accept "shimano" cassettes. I like Sram better.

So I know that lots of hubs accept both Sram and Shimano. Is it possible that FSA accepts only Shimano? Does anyone have any experience with this?

Also, given that I weigh what I do and ride mostly XC, does anyone have any reccommendations for a good wheelset in the $200-$300 range? I am also considering Mavic 717s w/XT hubs, and WTB speedisc pros w/laser lite hubs.
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Alu nips are not that big of a deal....

1. Aluminum nipples - everybody on the reviews doesn't like them.

I'm 230 and ride agressive XC. I've used both Alu and brass nipples on my wheels. No difference. The only thing about aluminum nipples is they are easier to round off when spoke tension gets high. But I've never had one "fail". Quality is the key, DT or Wheelsmith seem to be the best IMHO.

2. I am 210lbs and 6'1" so a 24 spoke wheelset may be a little sketchy

Quite possible. At my weight and riding style I don't run anything less than a 32 spoke wheel. If you are running disc brakes or ride agressively I'd shy away from anything less than a 28 spoke. For me it's not an option. I'd be leary of a 24 in your position. But it does depend allot on how you ride. But most folks at 200+ find low spoke count wheels a bit flexy in most cases.

3. FSA's site says that the wheels accept "shimano" cassettes. I like Sram better.

Shimano and SRAM have the same dimensions. If you can put a shimano cassette on it, a sram will fit as well. There are very few hubs out there that won't work with both off the shelf. And even those that don't all that is usually required to make em work is a small spacer behind the cassette.

If you could push your budget another $60 I'd recommend Hope XC hubs laced to Mavic 717's. Lighter than the Shimano/717 set, and great quality hubs. I've got a set of Hope XC's laced to Mavic 719 (a bit heavier duty rim) and they still come in just over 1800g, but are still nice and stiff. The Hope/717 wheel should be a bit lighter yet. And they'd be lighter than the Speed Disc Pro wheels, which tip the scales right at 2000g for the set.

If you are stuck to that budget though the XT/717 or the Speed Disc sets would be the way to go IMHO Anyway, your choice, but I'd definately steere clear of a 24 spoke set up at your weight.

Good Dirt
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I second what Squash has to say. The XC 300s are a great wheelset and normally I would recommend them to anyone, but they might be a little flexy for you with the low spoke count.

I am currently riding a pair of the XC 500s... they have a burlier rim and hub design, weighing closer to 2kg... but still only 24 spokes. They are noticably stiffer than the XC 300s, though.

Thanks for the input.

I did some more homework. The Hope combo looks great, but I don't know if I can come up with the extra cash.

I found a sweet deal on some x317s laced to XT hubs. What do you guys think of the 317s? From what I have read, the 717 is lighter and more of an XC application, and the 317 is more of an AM setup.

I am going to swap out my Dakar XC Expert for an XLT so I can get a little more travel in the back, and I want a rim that is going to take a beating and stay true. I am not super concerned about weight. Obviously I would like a lighter, more durable wheel for cheap, but I know that isn't possible. I am kind of leaning towards the 317s because I can pick them up for less than $200.

Let me know what you think.


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