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FSA V-drive megaexo cranks on Nomad

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I'm building up a Nomad and my LBS offered me this crankset .
I think it's the 2006 model - it's like the one in the pic.
I read it has a 48 mm chainline while 50 is recommended for the Nomad.
Anyone use this crankset on the Nomad ?
Does it work well ? Any suggestions ? I wanted the XT but they are out of stock right now.


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I have RaceFace Evolve XC X-Type on the Nomad.
The FSA should work fine for you....
Hi there, you can use some BB spacers, as in the Shimano / RaceFace systems. Anyway, this crankset isn't as stiff as XT, BB is also bad quality.. But it looks good, I know :) Cheers.
Should I get the Shimano Saint ? I know there is the weight penalty issue, but I hear it's pretty durable. Last thing I want is a crank that is less than 100% stiff & maintenance free.
go get the xt somewhere else. I have the v drive too, came on my reign. I put some holzfeller on there but they are a bit heavy. lighter than saints too. I will likely sell both and get xt. Yeah just find it somewheres else mang.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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