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Yep, I have a few pairs.

The lowdown on these: The ISIS version (only kind available right now) is the same armset as the 2005 ISIS Afterburner crank with the addition of stainless steel pedal inserts. This used to be called the Afterburner Xtreme. The arms are hollow forged, the outer chainring is replaced with a polycarbonate bashguard. 32t alloy middle ring, 22t steel inner ring.

Sam Hill and Madcatz have been racing on these cranksets for the past two seasons. The crank is intended primarily for AM use, light freeride, or DH racing if you MUST have a really light crank, since it's basically an XC crank with pedal inserts.


Multisync said:
anybody have any experiences with these cranks? it states they are 600-680 grams in weight, and they come on the '07 iron horse 6.8's which makes me think that they are worth a try??? then again, it uses an isis BB.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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