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Fsa Cranks

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I just fsa cranks and im waiting for my new bb to put on my azonic steelhead. i dont really care wat u say but do fsa cranks tend to be good quality or less good. Im almost done with the upgrading all i need is a shirfter and a new derailur for it to be complete even though my bike isnt as good as all my other friends big bad kona stinkys and sgs and vpfrees and bighits and all that shart wat i say is that when have a descent bike but not a freaking 234234 dollar one then u truley but not overly into biking whaaaaaaaaaaa

but im just kidding guys u know who u r who have those bikes but dude for real grab a hardtail and trash the whole full sus idea

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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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