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Just a heads up that we have finally got our tapered headtubes.

advert over here

-Machined from solid 4130
-130mm long
-Can be cut down to 100mm, maybe slightly less
-44mm lower with 20mm insertion, can run low stack or external 1.5
-external 1 1/8 (33.95mm) upper
-50mm external diameter at bottom for neat lines into lower cup
-38mm external diameter at top

Forgot these bits from the advert
-weight is 274g for 130mm length
-1.6mm wall at top and bottom, 1.2mm for the tapered bit

can be purchased here

bigger picture here
Any technical questions or for shipping costs to anywhere except the UK, contact [email protected]

£42 each or 5 for £180

Anyone who had expressed interest previously should get in touch again as I'm not sure who is still interested
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