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Hello Fellow Frame People,
I took delivery of a new frame fixture from Jeff at Sputnik a short while ago. It is time to pass on my sweet Anvil frame fixture to someone who will appreciate it as much as I did. I thought I would keep my old Anvil fixture but I am realizing that I will never use it again.
Its a journeyman type 3.0 or 3.1???

I bought it from the original owner in 2009. It had about 15 frames through it then and I have put about 30 through it since. It was never abused or hammered on. All anodized and mating surfaces are in great shape. I cleaned and lubricated the mating surfaces regularly. I planned on keeping this fixture a lifetime. There are no major blemishes to the fixture itself but the plastic measuring tape at the chainstay area is a little scorched (from the PO, not me). Easy to replace but it still works so I never did. A couple of the orange handles are discolored but still function perfectly. No scratches or gouges. All in all, a great tool.

My only complaint is that I could barely fit the seat tube in the fixture when I built frames for a 6'10 rider. Reach and all other parameters were fine.

This is the protractor style rear axle positioning system. I never had a problem with set up. I think Bike Cad has a setting that will guide you through setup. I just figured it out myself from full sized drawings. Of course I will guide you through any questions you have.

What it comes with...Everything pictured except the dummy axle....I am using all of mine. Its best to get exactly what you need from Paragon Machine works.
2. "3rd Hand" extra tube holder attachment that will hold top tubes and curved seat tubes at centerline as well as holding the seat stays in phase. I even used it as a stem fixture for a long time using an attachment I made. These were extra options from Anvil so not every fixture has them. 3. Stainless purged Cone for the seat tube mast4. Full set of purge tubing (I never used it)
5. BB30 adapter
6. set of various washers and spacers for various BB widths.

What it doesn't come with...
1. A stand
2. The pivot knuckle for the stand. ( I modified these items to work with my new fixture)
3. Dummy axles
You will need to fab something to attach this to your stand or Park Tool stand.

Price- $2k + Shipping or I will deliver it anywhere in the Bay Area.

Halekai Machine (@actualsurfer) • Instagram photos and videos

PM me if interested.

Halekai Machine

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