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FS 27+ Wheelset: DT Swiss 350/WTB Scraper i45/DHF 2.8

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Mike Curiak at Lacemine29 built these wheels for me a few years ago, they are well used, but still have plenty of life, no hops or dings to speak of, tires are quite fresh, tubeless of course.

I need to build a new “skinny” wheelset, I’d prefer to sell these wheels built vs brewing them down for the hubs, so I’m selling the whole kit and kaboodle for the cost of a new hub set and shipping.

I’d let them go for $400 plus shipping, pretty much a screaming deal, tires alone are $150. I’ll even throw in some other plus tires I’m not using.

POE: 18t, what they come with stock.
Hubs: Boost

Send a PM if seriously interested, otherwise I’ll cut the spokes and end an era.

I’ll post pics after I clean em up.
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Wow great price!

The rear hub isn't a 177 by chance is it?

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Boost hubs.
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Last call
What hub driver?

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What hub driver?

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It's done, I'm already building up new wheels.
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