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We went last year and had a blast! Get in line for the best bikes about 7 AM. Hit the nearby Aspen coffee shop first. Probably no accommodation left in Fruita by Grand Junction is close.

Over The Edge bike shop one block from the festival is very good. Get directions to the trails there.

3 areas to bike:

1) 18 Road flow trails east of Fruita.

2) Kokopelli NW of Fruita with Horsethief Mesa as the prime attraction. Walking on water is easier than biking the "drop in" to the mesa.

3) Lunch Loops across the Colorado River from Grand Junction. Amazing selection of trails there.

Demo bikes are given out all day for free.

Two beer halls in Fruita. The little one next to the park where the festival is held opens in late afternoon and is a treat.

Wish we could go this year but thinking of hitting Outer Bike in Moab in October instead.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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