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Front wheel, 20mm/qr convertible, $57

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Considering the hubs sells for about $48 by itself I am going to have to call this a heck of a deal. Not sure about the rim, sounds like an anchor. But if you are looking for a cheap 20mm front wheel this may be right up your alley.

For those unfamiliar with Dimension, it is a QBP house brand. I have run these hubs in the past with no issues either qr or 20mm.

At any rate, passing this along ;)
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Great value for a hand-trued wheel with DT spokes. The speeddisc is not light but wider than most budget xc rims.
Mr. Doom said:
Great value for a hand-trued wheel with DT spokes. The speeddisc is not light but wider than most budget xc rims.
That the Speeddisc XL too, its huge and is really a DH rim. I think its over 30mm wide
32mm width, 680g

From my notes the hub is 195g + 25g (for 20mm) or 32g (for QR) adapters
35g for brass nipples
200g for spokes

That's over 1150g+ for the wheel. Hey, told you it's a boat anchor :)
For perspective I have built up this hub on an XM321, brass nipples, DT 2.0mm spokes and that wheel came in at 1050g.
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On a positive note it looks to be built with 12mm nipples and has a 533erd. So down the line you could easily swap the rim to:

EX721, 14mm nipples (save 70-80g)
EN321, 16mm nipples (save 100g)
DT 5.1, 16mm nipples (save 180g)
Thanks for the heads up. The price is exactly what i was looking for. Bought that wheel just now. Hope everything works out. Also took advantage of an XC Pro Fire tire and shimano XTR brake cables...good deals, especially with free shipping!!
Should be fine, I received notice that my wheel shipped out today. I ordered it just prior to posting this deal.
I'm just worried about the width. Cuz my rear wheels are pretty skinny. There cheap wheels that came on the X1 jamis...
Thats fudged up!! But i called them up and had them adjust the price before they locked it...15 minutes and i wouldn't of been able to take advantage of the price. The guy said he adjusted the price to my order, but i'd have to pay for $9 shipping cuz im below the $75 line. Eh, $40 for a wheel is still a good deal! w00t! Saved me $17 today!

Thanks for the heads up on the price change! Man do i love this place.
CharacterZero said:
Follow that up with a dang

I called them up and no price fix for me, I paid the previous price plus their mark. Went ahead and ordered a 2nd one anyways. Did I mention these are nice hubs? :D

So for today's smoking deal price...
$38.50 shipped
Thanks for posting this!
Heckuva deal, I bought one just to have a spare.
Not the same hub as the hub-only?

Has anyone taken delivery of this wheel and able to inspect the hub?

The photos show the hub in the wheel to be different than the Dimension hub-only (HU1003). The hub-only has a large diameter hub body from which the flanges protrude minimally. The hub in the wheel has more typical, narrower hub body with flanges that protrude forther from the hub body.

I'm just wondering if these are the decent Dimension hubs w/ cartrdige bearings (ala HU1003) or some crappy cheaper version??
Tell you for sure on Tuesday, but as far as I know dimension used to only make one of these hubs. From the picture of the wheel it is the old style and is sealed cartridge bearing. Probably one of the reasons why these are being liquidated is the old hub version. Not sure what changes are coming from them. I know they have a 15mm hub now in addition to the 20/qr, but I am not sure if they have made any significant change to the original design.
marktomin said:
thanks, bought 5
y do you need 5? :eekster:
BlackTiger said:
y do you need 5? :eekster:
for my poor friends in europe, they asked for 5 :p
Confirmed, standard sealed bearing dimension hub. With the 20mm adapters in it the wheel weighed out at 1130g, so it was better than I was thinking on the weight. Build looks good, nice and tight. A bit of rim wobble but I think that is mostly in the rim construction, not the wheel build. Overall I am still gonna call this a good deal despite it costing my $26 more than the blowout price 2 days later ;)
What kind of skewer did you guys buy?
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