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Hey guys,
I recently got myself a brand new bike which I love, all except for the stock forks which came with it, (RockShox Judy 4s). Although I'm happy with the 5 inches of travel, and the action is good, they're much heavier than I wanted for a xc/trail rider. Basically, I was wondering what I should do with them? Is there somewhere where I can go and swap them for something else, them being only 2 weeks old? Is it unheard of for my LBS to accept trade-ins? The Lock-out and adjustable travel on these RockShox is also pretty sweet, but I could do without those if it'd fetch me something more to my needs, even if I had to poney up a little more $. I figure there's gotta be a last years model clearance that'd gladly take these.(?)
Also, what would you suggest for a replacement-lighter, 5-6inch travel-fork? I've heard the fox Vanilla's and the Marzocchi Z-1's are good. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.
Cheers, The Chief.
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