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Front hub education

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I'm looking at getting a new fork for the 29er and running an endomorph front tire. The fork thus hub spacing is limited to 100mm, but can I still run a wide rim/tire as well?

Know this is very basic for most here, but I just had to ask the dumb question. (Yes I did check the FAQ first and did not see anything right off)
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Short answer = YES :D

Now for detail.

Do you want rigid :- 100mm spacing.

Thread here :-

and here :- please note Salsa enabler needs a 135mm hub.

Or suspension :- Mav SC32 or DUC 32. See the Werdnesday and Dark side of Pugsley Posts. Needs the dedicated Maverick Hub

Dr FG :)
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Or move back to MN and go fat all around.
Also keep in mind the Enabler requires REAR disc spacing as well.
Enabler does require a rear 135 hub, like the Surly New Disc Hub. However, it will use your existing front disc brake. No funny business. Plain and simple.
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