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Front fork recommendation
I have a 2004 Trek 6700 that I bought new and it came with the Rock Shox Pilot SL front fork. The fork started leaking air pretty bad(had to refill it before every ride) about a year ago and now it's so bad that it starts to lose it's air and bottom out on the trails. Plus it is leaking oil now as well.

While looking around and researching if I should rebuild it or upgrade it to a not so dated model, I have decided that rebuilding this fork is just not worth it. But then again I am a noob at this so who knows.

I have decided that I will be getting a 29er this summer, so I don't need anything fancy. But I want to keep this bike as a back up unit, and something my friends can ride that don't have bikes can ride when I go riding.

My question is to everyone here is, what fork would you suggest me put on this bike to get mr through the next few months, and then to have for my buddies to ride. Oh and the fork must be able to use V-brakes.

Thanks in advance for any and all info.

Show me the way,
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