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Front disc brake on '04 Epic Comp

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I've been fighting the front brake on my Epic for weeks, and just listened to it squeak all weekend during a 24-hour race. I'm ready to rip it off the bike, smash it with a hammer and replace it with Avid's mechanical set-up. Has anyone experienced/solved the following problem?

I'm running the stock Deore hydraulics, and there seems to be inadequate clearance for the rotor. I can use shims and space the pads perfectly in my garage, but after a mile or two, they always go back to rubbing the rotor just enough to produce a high-pitched tone that drives me crazy. :madman: I can eliminate it for a few seconds by quicky tapping and releasing the brake lever, but the noise will resume in a few seconds.

Here's what I've tried: Adjusting shims. Removing and cleaning the pads. Cleaning the rotor. Confirming that the rotor is not bent. Adjusting QR tension to try to center the rotor between the pads.

Several friends with more experience on hydraulic brakes have looked at the problem and are baffled by it. Someone else must have had this problem, right?



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I have the same bike, 04 Epic Comp Disc. I have zero problems with the brakes. I Know that doesn't help you, but mine have been great. They are very heavy breaks, but they work.

Sorry I don't know what else to tell you.
Try lubricating the pistons. Remove wheel, remove pads, pump lever until the pistons are 3-4mm out, then drip some mineral oil on them. Work the pistons in and out a few times then re-assemble.

Hope it helps!
Good to go?

I think I've solved the problem with a procedure found on the Park Tools website.

I removed the pads, then leveled and opened the mineral oil reservoir on the brake lever assembly. By wedging a tire lever between the pistons I was able to open the gap a bit and force a drop or two of excess oil from the reservoir before reassembling everything. So far, the pads are remaining well spaced away from the rotor, and the brakes are working well.

I'm doing a trail ride tomorrow, and that should put it to the test and confirm that the problem is solved.
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