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Hi all, sorry for the noob post, Im having a problem with my front brake rubbing on the rotor.

The brakes are Juicy five, I took the pads out to see if I could adjust something, now with the pads back in, its rubbing even worse. :rolleyes:

I downloaded the pdfs relating to Juicy fives and it says "that the pads should click into place" - mine dont, they just kind of sit loosely in the caliper.

Do I need to push the pistons all the way back and then try to 'click' the pads in?

Im going to look at it again tomorrow, but thought id post first and see if anyone has an idea on why the pads are rubbing in the first place.



P.S. I made sure the pads were attached and oriented to the spreader clip.

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Why are the pads rubbing?

-Is the caliper misalligned. When you spin the wheel look at the rotor/caliper (holds the pads). Is there a lot of space on one side of the rotor. Loosen your two caliper screws and allign the caliper.
-Does the rotor wobble, ie. is it bent? Go buy a Park allignment tool and a spare rotor. If your like me when you finish 'aligning' the rotor, you unscrew the hopelessly bent rotor and install the new one.:madman:


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