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Hi there everyone,

My name is Drew and the only thing I know about bikes is how to ride one... and not even that well.

I am actually a filmmaking student at NYU and i think in May 2007 I am going to document my friend and I riding our bikes from New Jersey to California.

I have a few question for You experts.

The question is pretty simple actually: Roughly, How long would it take me?

Now, I know it depends on a few things. First of all, I tried to Google earth the distance and the path I would take and do all the math but I think all that is inaccurate. How long does it typically take a person to ride their bikes cross country going the fastest route? To be specific, the town I would start in is Old Bridge, NJ and we're trying to get to LA.

Keep in mind, We are not going to be racing... No high speed Lance Armstrong stuff... We may go fast for 1/8 the trip but the majority will be cruising speed. (and anyway, fast for us is not that fast).

Thanks for your help.
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