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Any ideas for me? I am headed down the western edge of Colorado, and turning west across Utah. I would like to visit a lot of National Parks National Monuments, Places with some history about them. Is Canyons of the Ancients an interesting place to bike through? That one would would be a few days out of the way.

I expect to find some petroglyphs or pictographs tonight or tomorrow.

As an idea of what I am interested in.

I found Dinosaur National Monument to be interesting.

I plan to visit Arches National Park and Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument along the way. Perhaps Zion National Park.

I will be traveling by bicycle. I have a 2.3 x 29 on the front and a 2.25 on the back. I hope to never go more than 2 days, or much less than 100 miles without collecting water.

So, Ideas of how to get from the western edge of Colorado across Utah and back to San Diego would be appreciated. I am thinking most of October visiting parks in Utah

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