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Noo Zeelander
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Ok Ok .... Heres some Fringed Hill Pics ...

GreenBonty said:
waiting paitiantly last weekend's photos.
Sorry .. Once again I was guilty of enjoying myself too much on the ride and not concentrating on getting important photos for my fellow tribe members.

Here are a couple anyway ...

A Yeti and a tree ...
Bicycle wheel Tire Bicycle tire Wheel Bicycle frame

Chris is already sick of me taking photos ...
Bicycle frame Bicycle wheel Natural environment Bicycles--Equipment and supplies Mountain bike

Pristine Beech forest singletrack ...
Vegetation Natural environment Plant community Forest Nature reserve

Chris riding Peaking Ridge ...
Bicycle frame Bicycle wheel Bicycle helmet Bicycles--Equipment and supplies Helmet

View over Nelson City and Tasman Bay from Fringed Hill ...
Nature Natural environment Natural landscape Cloud Plant community

Thats all folks ....I will try harder next time.

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Thanks for sharing
Last shot is really amazing in my mind:thumbsup:
Your forests looks like nothing else.
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