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The race preparation of the Goose Lake portion would not have been possible, except Greg Matyas, Joe Pollock, and Darren Marrin who jumped in and provided equipment and their time to help me clear the course out on the lake. Also, Maura Shea who has been awesome in her volunteering to help us keep track of timing, counting laps and some of the yet to be famous Frigid Bit photos that are in another thread. Oh yea, she makes some great tasting cookies !

Also, the someday to be famous Grill Master Tim Kelly, a huge thank you for your grill and the 150 grilling tools that we used to cook some of the tenderest elk steak ever, the brats, and burgers. The Frigid Bits Burn Barrel ( FBBB) was donated by Greg ( Thirstywork ) this wonderful addition will hopefully be at all FB Tailgate events !

Also, Tim Woody threw down some fabulous chilli soup that was over the top ....
Bision Chilli soup !!! So if you think you can brew up chilli, bring it on to the next Fridigd Bits Tailgate and see if can top Woody's chilli !

Ok, ok, here are the results, by my calculations, the estimated distance was about 10.6 miles and MPH stats are base on that distance and my funky watch.
Greg Matyas, 47:09, 13MPG; Phil Hunter, 49:41, 12.8MPH;
Daniel Fulmer, 49:41, 12.7 MPH; this dude totally trashed all but 2 riders on a what you say, yes, a Single Speed ! Joe Pollock, 50:51, 12.5 MPH; Nick Rome, 52:12, 12.1MPH; Eric Parsons 52:54, 12 MPH; Tiim " grill master " Kelly 53:34, 11.8 MPH; John Evanson, 55:25, 11.4 MPH; Zack " UAA " Huff ( the only UAA bike club rider to do this event, thank you for representing the UAA bike club ? ) 65:00, 9.7 MPH and Steve Constentine, 67 minutes and 9.5 miles per hour !

Dave, from Chain Reaction, thank you for the extra help !

Please look to this forum for the next Frigid Bits events which will be February 10th and the 24th.

Frigid Bits mt. bike events where safety and fun are first, and are for those riders who believe that the sooner you fall behind the more time you have to catch up !

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Thanks Carlos!!

Once again a great event has been defined by friends, fun, food, and fitness. Too bad and so sad for those that don't get out and enjoy winter fun in Anchorage. The FBBB was definintely a hit, thanks thirstywork. With a couple of mods the FBBB would be way more functional. If we could get it a little bit up off the pavement we wouldn't have to worry about things like; why the paving crew showed up at midnight looking for a fresh batch of hot mix.

For those of that stayed long enough we got a tour of the UAA cycling clubs bike shop in the Goose Lake Parks and Rec structure. I had no idea that was there. It was pretty cool. I can't remember their names, but we should know that they just work with scavenged and donated bikes and parts. So if you have anything that might be worthwhile contact those get them some fresh gear. I'm going to root around in my shed and garage to see what is worthy of donating to their cause. Check this out if you want to see more Blog stuff on our event last night. I just discovered this doing a search on the UAA bike club.
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