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When: Saturday, January 27th !
Sign up: 6:15 - 6:30 PM
Riders Meeting: 6:45PM
Ride Start : 7 PM
Cost : Free

This event will feature a trail ( completed first ) and ice crit ride. The trail portion will have the riders ride to the Tour of Anchorage to View Point take a left onto Moose Meadows ride Moose Meadows then take the left on to Rovers Run, ride down Rovers back to the Tour and then back to Goose Lake ! At Goose Lake, each rider will complete 6 laps on the infamous and fun 1 mile course on the lake.
For the trail portion of the event, Campbell Airstrip Road, Bragaw Drive, Tudor Road and sidewalks are out of bounds. Helmets are required and must be worn. Lights are also required.
For this event, a rider may use more than 1 bike and spare wheels and tires maybe substituted.

Tailgate #3 !!!!!!!!
This will be a tailgate night ! Frigid Riders and friends will host a post ride grill and swillfest ! Tim Kelly will bring his official Frigid Bits grill ! so please bring something to sling on the grill to share with others ! Bikes, Beers, Burgers, Brats, music and snaux bros it doesn't get much better ! Oh, all Friends of Frigid Bits are also invited as well as wives, partners and all those old enough to consume adult beverages. Frigid Bit Virgins ( all those who thought about riding the FB but couldn't muster the time or whatever ) are also invited !!!!!!! Its all about the fun ! Life is to short to miss a Frigid Bits Tailgate !

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frigid tidbits

We have been clearing Goose for the ice portion of Saturday nights race and it will be ready and in great condition. I checked out the Chester Creek trail and someone had ridden 2.5's with no trouble at all. The weather is supposed to warm up with Sat. nights temp in the mid 20's, and it looks like conditions will be good for all types of winter bikes. Hope to see you all there, and yes that includes you too Rob-bring your own unicorn (to grill of course!)
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