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I huge thank you to Greg M., Joe P., and Darrin M. for their time and snow removal equipment ! The course is now cleared for riding ! The surface has gobs traction, how ever studs should still be used. The course has a new section that is so awesome that it will remind you of some of the awesome single track that you sometimes dream about ! We also added a starting chute for some extra drama !
For the sake of keeping things simple, the ice crit will start first followed by the trail portion and then the infamous tail gate session will commence !

Also FYI, we checked out the Chester Creek trail and it was some ready to ride on we saw the tracks of 2.? bike tire and there was plenty of firm base to ride on ! ... for today.

What ; Combo ride ....... ice crit & trail
Where ; Goose Lake
Times ; Sign up - 6:16 - 6:45PM
Start ; 7 PM
Tail Gate ---- Bring something to share on the grill plus BEER ! The good stuff !
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