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This event will be almost the same as the first trail ride at your on pace trail event, the difference being in this event the trail route will be defined plus it will be ridden backwards ! The start will be at the Goose Lake Parking lot, ride over to The Tour of Anchorage Trail ( TOA ) and all the way up to Service High School, ride the multi-use trail to the parking lot outside of the Hilltop Ski area, from there, ride the multi - use trail down to Rovers Run, ride Rovers down to
View Point; turn right on to View Point and ride to the TOA and ride TOA back to Goose Lake. The distance is approximately 17 miles give or take a head plant or 2 !

Where : Goose Lake
Sign up : 6:15 - 6:30 PM
Riders Meeting : 6:45 PM
Ride : 7 PM
Cost : Free
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