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Well, it wont be a national happening in my life time, however, the infamous Fabulous Frigid Bits Burn Barrel may eventually become a regional mt. bike ice event shrine and world renown tourist trap !
The Soggy Bottom 100 will supposedly be ridden in 2007 by promoters of the national endurance series to see if the course meets their venue standards. It is my dream that the Soggy will become better known on a regional level, but I only see many challenges if it becomes part of a national schedule ........ but I really don't run away from challenges ......... not yet any way !

Maybe, just maybe, The Fabulous Soggy Bottom as it is known now will have a major location change or just be a different event with a different name and different location !
The proposed route will be another level up from the Soggy, and for those who prefer a course with major dose of adventure and for those who enjoy coming face to face with their own reality.

Jilleo said:
Wow, Carlos, the big time!

So when are you taking Frigid Bits national?:)
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