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Just Gotta !
There is enough frozen ice at Goose Lake to have our first 2008/2009 ice event of the season. Also there is the opportunity to put the event at Westchester Lagoon, the lagoon has been drawn down to where there is very little water left and what remains is now frozen with the Lagoon Bottom almost totally exposed.

The place of this event will be announced on this Wednesday.

This will be a ride at your own pace team relay for the Fabulous Jaune Lingerie! This coveted and perhaps sought after Jaune Lingerie carries with it an enormous responsibility rivaled by only perhaps the yellow jersey of the Tour DeFrance. The Jaune Lingerie must be worn and displayed, while riding at all Frigid Bits events and entire year or perhaps ( at your pleasure) at any time riding your bike for all of Anchorage and perhaps all of Alaska to enjoy.
The ride will start at 7:30 PM with sign up at 7 pm. Riders can sign up here using this thread. Also, if you have your Frigid Bits number from last year bring that, along with your helmet and a working light. If, you don't have a number it will cost you $2 for a new one. A team will consist of 2 riders or less : ). Also each team will supply their own boxer shorts which will be the exchange "baton". The exchange rules will be detailed at the 7:15 ish riders meeting.
Alaska Endurance Association Ride Coordinator

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