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Frigid Bit Freaks: January Schedule

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January 10th : XC, this ride will be based out of the Frigid Bit Ride Headquarters (AKA; Goose Lake parking-lot) with sign up at 6:45 and a 7 p.m. start.
The route will be dependent on snow conditions and will be disclosed on January 8th.

January 31: Frigid Cutters !
This will hopefully be a new venue, a 400 meter ice course ! The most laps a team of 4 riders or a team of 2 riders can do in 60 minutes.
Each rider of a 4 person team is restricted to 15 minutes of riding, for the 2 person team; each rider must do 30 minutes.
One bike per team - Frigid Cutters Style
Geared or SS.
Support is allowed.
No spare bikes allowed- spare wheels ok
Alaska Endurance Association Ride Coordinator
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Tonite yes!
The course is the Goose Lake to Hillside Chalet and return, the route of the Frosty Bottom. perhaps a 18 miler round trip.

Frigid Cutters 1/31 - not looking to good at the moment - May have to resort to plan B, trying to find someone with an ATV w/plow to clear a Goose Lake loop.
Any volunteers ?
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