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My 10 month old woke me up around 5am this morning yelling through the baby monitor until my wife finally went to feed him.

I couldn't go back to sleep so i got my new LM Arc light that i haven't used yet and put on my gear in the dark in the driveway.

The new light was UFO bright in the driveway. i was afraid i might freak out my neighbors shining the light through their windows.

I made my way down Enfield to Johnson Creek Trail. This was the first time that i've ever a had a good look at the walls in the tunnels on Johnsons Creek. I made it to Town Lake where i had to turn the light off due to all the joggers. I had no idea that runners were so dedicated that they'd wake up early to run in the dark.

I rode down to Zilker via the train tracks under barton springs then stopped by the pool to take a peak like i normally do in the summer, but saw nothing visually interesting but dedicated swimmers that belong to the same athletic club as the runners.

I headed down to the trail and was surprised by the quantity of cardinals that were foraging on and close to the trail. It seemed like there was a cardinal every 50 yards. As the sun started to break through, i came upon what might have been a rooster. All i saw were the tail black feathers propped up high and as it took off into the bushes evading the UFO light. I stopped and panned the light about for awhile but i never got a good look so in my mind, it was definately a Barton Creek Rooster. The rooster probably escaped from one of those hobo camps near toys r us.

I've already told my wife that if i lose my mind and find myself homeless, i am going to setup shop in the greenbelt. i'd acquire a bike, then to ride to the house peer in through the windows for a look at the kids.

I headed up the powerline climb then back down then took a small deer trail on the descent that said "come ride me" ducked my way under many limbs that flicked my cold ears like the kids did back in junior high in deer park. i had to dismount and carry the bike over cactus a few times. The trail had rock markers light and some wear in spots, but the overall impression was this was mostly an animal trail due to the low branches.

i had a few thoughts about reversing course but eventually found the main trail.

In muted sunlight, i rode on home back through zilker navigating less fit joggers than before, up Johson Creek and past the light mopac traffic to enfield then to my house.

this was a good day and nothing can change that.
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