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Friday in Reno

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Friday July 14, NRSREX and myself along with a buddy or two will be riding Steamboat Ditch Trail: Hole in the Wall. It's roughly nine miles easy, flat terrain maybe some single track if we can find it. We'll be parking near the ditch on Woodchuck. Anyone in the area is more than welcome to meet us. :thumbsup:
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Sorry, we will be there around 6pm. Riding about 6:15. One of the guys has to work until 5:30.
update: it was a great easy ride although maniak had a lil problem, and oh, thank you goes out to the rider on the specialized fsr xc? thanks for the tube man! anyways, hopefully we could gather up some more and ride this trail again, maybe then my discs won't be squealin half as bad as it did today.
Did you find the ST at the end? You can even ride up the Tom Cook switchbacks.

Evening ride Wed?

sounds great wolfy, but i gotta go make sure i don't have any patient transport late wednesday so i could ride. i'll post tomorrow if i can. i'll go see if anybody else wants in too.
My wife has plans at 4pm so I have the kids. What time are you riding and where? If she gets back early enough I'm in! I'll keep checking in!
Someplace to take advantage of the wonderful heat!

7:00 @ Hidden valley? A lap around the track then climb around the back and descend the steep trail back into the park. Or the Ballardini ranch/evan's creek trail. Or cow canyon and it's funn descent. Or White's creek. Anything but the 90 degree clambake in my house!

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