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friction shifter w/Alfine?

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I have an NOS XT friction shifter. Can it be made to work with an Alfine hub? Will any bar top friction shifter work? Paul thumbies?? Any ideas?
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The shifting on Shimano IGH has to be very percise in order to work fine.
I don't know if the cable "course" is constant , or "logaritmical" (if I can it so)

The adjustments on the barrel are crutial with shimano shifters , a little too loose /too tight , and it's skipping like hell. I can only see nightmare rides with a friction shifter....... IMHO

Jtek is working on a thumbie, but friction is not good.

Prior to this development would a JTEK barcon and a PAUL's thumbie work.

I've thought it would be more comfortable with the shifter above the handle bar and allow multiple gear shifts.
The JTEK barend shifters don't come apart and therefore can't be used with Paul's thumbies. I was thinking about trying a Travel Agent to get my 8-speed barends to work, but now I'm afraid I may damage the hub.

JTEK assures me they are working on thumb-mount shifters, but no ETA.
mrbubbles said:
Could be done.

That is a gorgeous bike! You'd be doing some standing on the big climbs though with that big ring.

You'd also be going really fast down hill!

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