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Roller Pros aren't bad, but unless you get super deals from Specialized, for just a bit more money, why not get:
front - Kenda Blue Groove 2.5
rear - Kenda Nevegal 2.5
The folding versions are ~850g, are a real 2.5" wide, and get awesome grip. If you expect mostly loose conditions run a Nevegal on the front too.

Specialized Enduros wouldn't be a bad choice either, but they're only 2.3 AFAIK.

specialized enduro pros are a bit soft and roll REALLY slow. if you are shuttling they are fine but if you need to pedal up i suggest a better rolling tire.

i run Kenda BG 2.35" stick-e front and Nevegal 2.35" DTC or Cortez 2.4" DTC. i just destroyed my Nevegal rear on wednesday so i put the cortez back on and they are good, just a bit faster rolling and a little less traction
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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