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You can do it with Shimano.

jestep said:
Is it possible to use a through-axle non quick release hub setup on a normal hub, or do you have to get specific through axle hubs.
You didn't mention it, but if you're talking conventional hub spacing for the front and rear, you can make a pretty decent bolt-axle setup out of an XT (and some other Shimano) hub quite easily. The rear XTs already have a 10mm design, so you just get a solid axle from an outfit like Wheels Manufacturing or such that is the proper length and swap the original XT axle for the solid axle. In the front it can be done a couple of ways. I wanted the largest axle possible for QR fork dropouts, which is usually 9.5mm, so I had to get 9.5mm cones and axle to do the swap. If you stay with the OEM 9mm axle size, you just have to get an appropriate 9mm solid axle to swap. One thing that is very important is the kind of axle nuts you use. Get those "track" bike style nuts that have a floating knurled gripping surface so that you don't chew up your dropout area with cheesy one-piece knurled nuts.


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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