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Freeride Frames

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Hey guys, I am looking into getting a light freeride bike. Money is tight so I'm looking at frames that I can build up with parts from my rocky mountain hardtail. I found a very good deal ($289) on a brand new KHS frame with 4 inches of travel. I was wondering if 4" was enough for light freeriding and 3-6' drops. Also does anybody have any opinions on KHS frames? Also if you guys know of anywhere I could get a decent new frame for less than $400 I would like to hear about it.
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ya sure 3-6 foot drops, at least your not

Hoodwinkerdropability - ('hud-"wi[ng]k-er-drop-a-bil-i-te ) n. pl.. The abilty to compute or calculate a freeride vertical drop to be bigger than it really is in order to brag about or gain approval from fellow freeriders. This act known as hoodwinkerdropability is often practiced by the newbie freerider trying to prove his abilities and gain acceptance.

its cool my bro rides a C'dale jekyll and its got 4" we do light freeriding and all mountain shist, ill tell you what tho, we have a true 6ft drop on our land and he can take it soo much smother than I can, I ride a hard tail, and am looking at an 8 footer next.
hey komodo can you even say that friken word .....
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