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Freeride Frame Size (help!)

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I recently bought a 2006 18" Rocky Mountain Switch 2.0 from a shop that told me the bike fit me fine. I rode it around a bit before buying it and I guess the excitement of the whole process got the best of me and I didn't really consider frame sizing. I'm 6'1.5", and now after doing some research I'm worried that the 19.5" frame would be a much better match. Don't get me wrong, I Iove the bike, it handles everything I can throw at it and more. During decents, drops and jumps I'm standing on the pedals anyway. Its just that riding it around town I feel like I could use more leg extension. I have already cut my seatpost a bit so that I can lower it all the way when dropping in on some gnarly steeps. So now when I extend it to climb (and still trying to keep 4" of post in the frame) I worry that I am missing out on a larger frame.

What is the preferred frame size for freeriding anyway? I like the compactness of it when its under me and I'm hitting jumps etc.

Anyway, I guess I'm just looking for assurance that its a fine choice and not a $3000 waste of cash! :eek:

Thanks for reading. Any input would be appreciated.
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If you are riding Dh then the size is good.......if you pedal around town more then you need a larger size

BTW get your self another seat small one for riding DH and the larger one for pedaling around town
not a bad idea. Thank you sir. I'll just remove this here rope from around me neck and go for a ride.
I wouldn't up size the frame if I were you, but then I like smaller frames. SMT had a good suggestion of 2 seatposts which actually becomes reasonably convenient if you have 2 seat/seatpost combos all setup. Another option is a telescopic seatpost like a gravity dropper or a Maveric Speedball combined with a QR seatpost clamp.
2 seatposts is a great call. At 6'1" you are right on the border between 18 and 19.5 IMO

I'm 6'4" and the 18 was too small for me. The 19.5 felt good. Generally, you do want a smaller frame for the more aggro riding - easier to throw around.
Thanks all. I'm rockin a cut Raceface Evolve DH seatpost right now, any suggestions for another?
is this measurement (18 or 19.5 or whatever) the actual measurement? or is it the measurement if the top tube were actually parallel to the ground?
Phi.Design said:
Thanks all. I'm rockin a cut Raceface Evolve DH seatpost right now, any suggestions for another?
Cant't go wrong with a Thomson post, lots of different lengths available. 330mm or 410mm should work for you.
Its Rocky's frame measurement. 16.5 is Small, 18 is Medium and 19.5 is large.
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