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Freeride/downhill bike

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Hello, I have been riding bmx for my whole life, and have always wanted to ride downhill/ freeride, but I have no idea about what type of bike I should get. I have checked my LBS but they mostly carry bmx-related stuff, not much mtb. I am 16, 6'1 and about 210. I have looked at everything from Stinky's to X7's to Big Hits's, but im just not sure. I want something that will take a some abuse. The type of riding I would most likely be doing is a lot of freeride with some downhill mixed in. Lots of drops, jumps and stuff. I do not have a lot of money to spend, and it does not really matter if its new or used, I just really, really, really, REALLY want a bike! My mom bought us(Mom, me, sister) 2007 Hardrock Sport's a while back, and I DESTROYED the cranks riding it like a downhill bike. I completely stripped the splines on the spindle, almost to the point where it is smooth, and almost snapped on of the crank arms. No more 5 foot drops on that, I guess. So I just wanted to know what you guys think, thanks!

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