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Freeride Catamount - Image Updates

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Hi all,

Here is a link where you can see the current pictures that have been taken of the various efforts happening at Freeride Catamount:

I know many of you have already visited this site but there are channels being added to the player every week. I am going to be posting video here as well.

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Looking good James! Trav and I are at Whiteface this weekend, if the job permits we'll cya next weekend. Do you have a new trailmap up yet?
Great to hear from you dude. I hope you and Travis can join us for a day of riding soon. Ed and I want to come and ride with you at Whiteface this season too on one of our off days (generally would be a Sunday). Anyway, the trail system hasn't changed much this year yet except for a re-route of the bottom of Lower Cat Track (which is where the cool drop is in the pictures). We are cutting 2 new single-track trails this season plus we have the Gravity Skills Park which is a lot of fun.

Keep your eye on the Freeride Catamount site for event details:

We are working on a possible weekend riding festival this year and we would love for you to come out:

You guys should come out and try the Adventure Park is pretty awesome.

The weather is not looking good for this weekend so it may be a wash but we are planning to be open the entire 4th of July weekend (I suspect you will be busy at Whiteface then too).

Hope to see you guys soon.

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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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