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freeride bike

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is there anyway i could change a felt virtue 2 frame into more of a free ride bike? how can i get more travel on my bike?
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check there's a lot of good advice there on freeride bikes.

EDIT: thats kind of dick of me. heres some real advice. to increase the travel of the rear suspension, you would have to get a different size shock. doing that could potentially throw off the geometry of your frame. thats bad. you cold increase the travel upfront with a longer travel fork..but again, throws off the geometry.

now, when you say freeride, what are you planning on doing with the bike? if your doing "gnarly 3ft drops"...keep the bike, improve your skills, save your money. if your being serious and doing some big boy stuff, then the SAFEST option would be get a new frame entirely.
I think you could find out for yourself how worthless making that bike more "freeridable " by simply spending 2 hours on a dedicated freeride bike and feeling the difference
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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