Made with Love // e*thirteen Tires

The variables within tire manufacturing are nearly endless, but so are the possibilities. Hailing from Petaluma, California, e*thirteen produces a wide variety of mountain bike components, including a line of tires that uses a rubber compound adapted from Thailand's underground moped racing scene. From creating the molds and harvesting raw rubber to the final steps of curing, this episode of Made with Love dives into the process behind every e*thirteen tire.

Manufacturing-most people don't think of it as glamorous, but there is an allure to it that inspires and drives creation. The process and production behind modern mountain bikes and their associated products is an art form in itself, one that captivates both bike nerds and bike jocks alike.

Made With Love is a series designed to capture the literal nuts and bolts upon which our sport is built: The components and people that bring bikes from the assembly line to trail.

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