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Free ride in Chiang Mai

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Hello all just wanna show up what I have done sofar in Chiang Mai Thailand.
Mountain biking tour is one of the popular trip in Chiang Mai. All for mountain bike lover.
I'm one of the MTB lover, I have search many free ride, XC, Downhill trails along the mountain surrounding Chiang mai and northern Thailand. And yes now I'm ready to share all to you. Yes I'm running adventure company in Chiang Mai under name of Mountain Designs (Thailand) But I can say my program is different for the other. My trail is more difficult, technical ride. Because I love to bike and alway share my experience to everyone not just giving them just Tour. Interesting? visit my website at and discuss what you want and bike with me:thumbsup:
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I will be planning a trip to Thailand later in the year. Beyond carrying my bike on a Airplane, is there a better shipping option?
If you send the bike by boat or airfreight, then you are liekly to incurr large import duties, so if I were you (and I once was, with regard to bring my bike to Thailand) I would buy a good bike case and take it on the flight with you. If you 'hand carry' the bike into Thailand it is classed as personal sporting goods and will not attract duty.
Better way bring you bike with you on the plane and when you arrive chiang mai assemble your bike at hotel and goooo.
Special program downhill/free ride with 1 night stay resort. on the way only 4,500 baht ontill 31 april 2011 wanna join? contact me
Good luck to you

I just moved to Chiang Mai, and will be here for 9 months, studying at the CMU. I consider myself to be a (fairly) skilled riders, so more technical is best.

does your guide company pick up at hotels, or do we ride out to your location?

Hoping to go riding as soon as possible, when do you think the trails will be ready?

thanks, kaahb kon krup
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