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Jeremy R said:
I hope not, I want to see the pics!
You were laying all around the DH course like Rambo in the jungle during practice.
I know you got some goods! ;)
yeah i was kiddin' I did get some good shots went thru a few last night, will post'em tonight after date night! :thumbsup:

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Sorry Mr. B - no hat. I found a camo jersey (identified) in a suspect place inside-out and very wet. Good thing I had a plastic bag and the trunk I threw it in was a rental. It will be washed - no charge.

I have some nice award presentation pictures. Not my camera, so it might be a couple of days before waivers and public viewing are finalized.

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Broussard said:
Yeah yeah yeah. I unloaded the car yesterday and found it in the bottom of my mesh
knapsack under a pile of empty beer cans.

At least it didn't end up on Craig's List.
Speaking of lost and found, where are your Icycle pix, you f'ing shuttlecock?
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