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I recently had the rear shifter cable break inside my LX 9-speed shifter. Basically the cable wouldn't budge when pushing it out the normal way - and so I took the covers off to investigate.

In short, I can't get the remaining bit of broken cable out to put a new one back in. The cable is broken with frayed ends that were too close for cable cutters to cut the strands further. I also can't pull the cable out as there's no way of gripping the head ...

Picture tells a thousand words:

Has anyone else encountered this before and how could I remove the cable? :confused: :confused: :confused:

Many thanks. :thumbsup:

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Trying to prise and pull the cable out is probably going to destroy the nylon seat, so I'd suggest focusing your efforts on trying to push it out.

First thought would be to grab as many of those strands as possible in the jaws of some snub-nose pliers and then try to push the whole mess out. Another possibility is to try and hammer a sewing needle in through the strands, so that the point is embedded in either the rest of the cable or even the cable-end. As long as it's short - otherwise it'll bend easy - even a simple sewing pin may do it. The thinner you can find, the better, as it'll expand the wires as it goes in.

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There are two ways that ususaly work.

1- use a diagonal cutter to cut off the worst 1/3 of the wires as short as possible. Using a quality shortnose plier grab the remaining strands and while twisting them back into line, push them back through the lever. You want to be sure to twist in the original direction, to wind them tighter, so look at the remaining wire, (or the other one) to know which way to twist.

Once the head is clear, grab under it with the tips of diagonal cutters, and lever it out, or cutt it off flush and pull the wire out the other way.


2- you'll need to make a small pusher tool, using a sewing machine needle
(sewing machine needles are made of sterner stuff and aren't as likely to bend as hand sewing needles) and a pin vice which can be bought pretty cheaply at hardware or hobby stores.

WARNING- Be sure to use safety glasses working with the needle because they shatter pretty easily, and with lots of energy. Grind the tip off to below the thread hole, or snap it off sharply, with 2 pairs of pliers. Chuck the needle in the pin vise with the least amount extending as needed, about 3/4", to reduce flexing in the unsupported area.

Cut the frayed wired off as close as possible, and push the needle down between the wires and the lever until it reaches the head. Now push the head out. You might have to tap it out with a light hammer.

I ran a service center for one of the major companies for a number of years and made myself one of these tools, and had 100% success with it. I never wasted time , I just cut the wire flush and pushed the head out.

But remember the needles do sometimes shatter so make sure your eyes are protected and nobody's spectating.

Good luck, if all else fails, you can send me the entire lever and I'll get it out for you, FREE.

PM me if you want to go that route.
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