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I did a few laps in a 4 man team in the Beechworth Chaingang "6 Hours In The Saddle" race the other day on my old '02 Stinky and it really hurt. I have my DH rig sorted for my apetite for danger and destruction and have decided to go back to my HT roots for my XC/trail riding. So I am looking for some frame weights.

Anyone know where I can find the weights of these 2 frames ???


Coiler ('02 Stinky) with Vanilla R ???

Jamis Cross Country 2.0 ???

Much appreciated guys.


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aussie_yeti said:
What he was saying is that the Coiler frame is the same as the 2002 Stinky, Kona had extra stock and decided to make them into a long travel xc bike.

Cya, John.
I don't think so. The Coilers have longer TTs than the Stinkys. Also the first year for the Coiler was 2004.
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