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I have a dilemma. Actually, I guess since I'm getting something new it's a good thing, but I could use some advice. I have a hardtail 29er made by Access (Performance) and it's okay for what it is, but in my older age (almost 42 now) I have lower back issues with hardtails. The Access has mostly X7 components, Firex cranks, and Elixir 5 brakes. The fork is a 100 mm Recon silver.

I'm a clyde at 240 lbs. I have two choices:

1) Keep the components and buy a FS frame to swap out. I can get a Salsa Spearfish for $900 or a Niner RIP 9 or Jet 9 for about $1800.

2) Sell the Access for a loss and buy a new Fisher Rumblefish for $2800. I could probably get maybe $700 for the Acess, and that would leave me a difference of right at $2100 plus tax.

Right now I'm leaning toward the Niner but it might be best to just get a new bike. What would you guys/gals do?


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I'm a 44 year old clydesdale that is 6'3" & 265 lbs and have a 3 level lower back fusion and a 4 level neck fusion, Besides that I have a bunch of degenerated discs along with some other issues also. I need to get back to about 200 pounds or less this year.

I can understand how you feel. I still ride a hardtail on bike paths and a ridged for urban fun and speed.

I would say build up a bike that fits you for your needs. A new F/S 29er frame would be my guess. It would also be a good plan to have a custom valved shock with the correct spring rate built up for your weight and style. :)

I got a great deal on a mint F/S Devinci Dragonfly frame and it makes rides much more enjoyable. Needless to say I stick to about medium trails because crashing sucks... I broke my ankle and tibia about 4 months ago going about 2 mph in a manual. :eek:

I had to go with a smaller F/S frame(shorter top tube) so I can tip my head up high enough to see. I needed a riser stem and bars also. :(

Ideally I want a 29er or a 96er with 4" of travel or more.

Truthfully I think I should stick with my Jeep, but I enjoy biking so much.

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For your size and weight, I don't think I would put trust into the Spearfish. I know it seems tempting because it is very light, but the truth is that it doesn't have that many years of durability testing for the rear seatstays that are suppose to flex.

My suggestion is to look for a late model Jet/Rip 9 or a Pivot 429. Really, although some parts could be upgraded for performance purpose, they are fully functional.

Right now you can get the Pivot 429 for the same price as the Jet/Rip. The advantage to the Pivot is that they are seriously over built, but there is nothing wrong with the Niners. I have a 230lb clyde friend on a '10 jet and has no complaints..

Pivot 429

Rip 9

Jet 9

Those are probably going to be the best deals you will find unless you go used or ebay.
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