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frame size help

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Hello everyone,

I want to buy a DH frame in the near future. I've read that the top tube length is very important to consider. It looks like DH frame top tube lengths are a bit shorter than freeride frames. Don't you want to stretch out your bike if you are doing downhill stuff? But then again, I would think a smaller frame would be more maneuverable. I guess my question is should I get a 21.75 top tube length (Small) or a 22.9 top tube length (medium) DH frame? (Lets say all other angles are the same for both angle, head angle, etc...) I am 5'8 at about 150 pounds. I have read that if you are in between frame sizes then you should go for the smaller size because you can always make smaller frames bigger, but can't make bigger frames smaller. I guess I'm worried about taking away the all important length of the DH bike if I get a Small. Length is important in DH bikes, right? Correct me if I am wrong. Any help with any or all of these questions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks! :)
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i wouldnt call it THAT important. depends on the bike. also if you have a longer or shorter reach/torso.
get med and don't worry
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