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frame size again

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I will buy a Scandium NINER AIR 9 frame and Maybe this question have made millions of times, but I'm new at 29er world and I have my doubts. If my height is 5'-6 "what size should be my frame? Because some people tell me is small and others medium ?
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Get the small, you will not have enough stand over with a medium.
Agree .
You are right smack bang in the middle of Niner's recommended heights for the Small.
I cannot understand why anyone would have even suggested the Medium.

Small Medium Large Extra Large
5'3"-5'9"/ 1.6-1.75m 5'8"-6'/ 1.73-1.83m 5'11"-6'3"/ 1.8-1.91m 6'3"-6'7"/ 1.91-2.01m
1 - 4 of 4 Posts