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Frame protector for matte black Tallboy frame?

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Has anyone applied a clear frame protector skin/film/foil on their matte black tallboy? I'll be interested to hear how that stuff sticks and looks on a matte black frame (as it's glossy). I remember reading somewhere that the film doesn't stick that well to the matte black and air bubbles are showing....I'd actually prefer a more glossy look, but I guess the coverage is only partial.

Please share your experience. Thank you in advance.
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I have a nomad c matte black and I have put the helicopter tape on my downtube and rear triangle and all the cable rub spots. Thinking about doing my fork also. It does make it gloss black when your done, imo looks very nice and super top notch stuff. As far as sticking it sticks very very well. Air bubbles? that depends on the person applying it for the most part, I have tinted a few windows and the application is very similar. Contours to corners very well also. unfortunatly my camera is crap or i would put up some pics... Also imo I wouldn't skimp on the quality of tape if protection is your #1 concern, my LBS put some crap tape on that looked good but I could put my fingernail through it.... asked what it was and they said it was for snowboards... I thought WTF lol
I want to get a rock guard, at least, for the underside. I've been searching around and haven't found much. I'm sure that they could make something that attaches at the lower water bottle mounts. After having this happen to my frame in a botched UPS delivery, I would like a bit of piece of mind

This would have done the same thing to a steel or aluminum bike
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Here ya go.... I bought one from him, and he's a top notch seller...

So far, so good on the protection.... Much better than naked!!!

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This place is where I ordered the 3M clear bra film to cover my BLTc. They included a piece of this stuff as sample. It's very abrasive resistant, but won't take an in all the impact forces will be transfered to the frame. If you look on SC's site, you can see SC stuck some double sided foam to the back of this stuff and is selling it as their downtube rock protection. It won't protect what you show in your pic, but will prevent minor rock debris from chipping paint.

As for a true hard shell outer sacrificial impact layer, when I get my DH frame, I was going to lay up some carbon/Kevlar seam tape in 4 or 6 layers, wrap it up in carpet protection film, and either heat shrink it or stretch wrap it onto the frame while the resin cures, then trim to fit and held on w/ double sided velcro. I've sourced out the seam tape (6" width, doubled over for two 3" layer, 2 or three pieces in an interlocking "c" type of deal, held together w/ super glue while resin-ing), the resin, and the carpet film. If you want the sources to make your own, I can provide. I just need to figure out cloth weight to resin weight for optimal strength.
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i dont think it looks too bad ...I ordered 3M tape from eBay and on top of it protecting, dirt washes off easier...I did town tube, seatstays chainstay, 3in infront of bottle cage b/c I was scratching it there (never thought of that) and places where there is cable rub
I use 3m clear bra on the down tube and top tube where I always hit my shoe when stepping over. I will also do cable rub areas. Does make the matte a little glossy bt nothing crazy. As for air bubbles it is all in the application, I used the wet application method. Sticks and works well, However doe not show up well in pics.
I put on some clear tape, and it looked horrible. I was very careful, and even used a heat gun, but the glossiness didn't look good. It also had a whiteness to it in areas...not just a few bubbles, but millions of tiny bubbles that made it look kind of splotchy grey.

I wound up just putting clear tape on the bottom of the down tube (barely notice it there) and the left chainstay.

Everywhere else I was concerned with, I just use black electrical tape. Wow- you can barely tell it's there, and it's cheap and very pliable in the curves, too. It isn't as strong as clear tape, and doesn't adhere as well, but it's cheap to replace and damn near invisible on the matte tallboy.

Here ya go.... I bought one from him, and he's a top notch seller...

So far, so good on the protection.... Much better than naked!!!

Wouldn't mind something like that for the Carbon Nomad..!
I used the matte helicopter tape....

and a skid plate.

The matte tape is really hard to see.

I could keep the bubbles out if I was patient. I am not patient.
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heli tape?

Where do you get heli tape? I've got a new Blur XCc. THX!
I put the "Crankskins" on my black Tallboy. It has a few air bubbles but looks pretty good. Not very glossy. Probably wouldn't notice the tape unless you look closely.

If I do it again I would by the 3m tape instead of the pre-cut. I had to cut the pre-cut so it fit anyway. Also they fold it into an envelope so when you get it it is creased.
Impact resistant UHMW Tape from McMaster Carr

I just purchased UHMW tape for my BLTC down tube, which in addition to being super robust also has impact resistant properties. I bought this tape from McMaster Carr and they offer it in 2 thicknesses and in different widths. I got 15 feet of the 2 " wide tape in the .022" thickness and paid $21 plus shipping and handling. It is semi-clear and does leave small air pockets when applied but since it is on the down tube who cares? If I had to do it again I would order the thinner tape as this stuff is not that pliable although my down tube is very well protected now. Only used about 18" so I got a lot left over but will probably fit some smaller pieces in cable rub areas and on the rear triangle,

From McMaster Carr website:

All the benefits of Strong and Slippery UHMW (ultra-high molecular weight) Polyethylene Tape, plus a super-high bond adhesive make this tape perfect for difficult-to-bond surfaces such as powder-coated, plastic, foam, and metal surfaces. Adhesive is a high-strength, chemical-resistant acrylic. Temperature range is 0° to 200° F; apply at 70° to 100° F. Supplied on a cardboard spool.

0.012" thick tape has a 0.01" thick film with 0.002" adhesive.

0.022" thick tape has a 0.02" thick film with 0.002" adhesive.
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jimmy said:
Where do you get heli tape? I've got a new Blur XCc. THX!

Just go to bikes and search for helicopter tape.
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