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Frame painting question

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Ok, I have a project in the works. I'm going to get a Kona Stab Deluxe, probably an '06 (I can get a good deal) and I want to customize it a little. I want to get custom paint, so I've been doing some research. Originally, I was going to send the frame to Spectrum Powder Works, however, after reading Kona's site, it appears that powdercoating aluminum frames voids their warranty - whatever. Anyways, they do say that there are authorized painters that can do the work and they will also have access to the factory decals. Great!

Now, I'm just curious as to what I'm going to be looking at in terms of price. I was hoping that maybe someone on here might have some information on how much it cost to have their frame repainted so I can have an idea. The reason I'm not asking a painter? I don't know when I can do this, so I don't want to go through the hassle yet of getting this all set up and then telling them to wait.


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I've found it's between $150.00 and $200.00 to get a frame powder coated one color, with no decals. You have to take the frame apart, pull the bearings and all hardware. You can have it chem stripped by the painter and/or beadblasted. I stripped my frame using Aircraft Stripper to check for cracks and dents. Since you have a new frame, this shouldn't be an issue. Painters usually charge between $30.00 and $50.00 per hour for stripping the frame. If you want to get decals applied and a clear coat put over that, you can expect to pay the same rate you did for the base color + the cost of the decals. Don't forget shipping to and from the painter.

Good luck
Call Kona

Your question needs to be:

What are the prices for an AUTHORIZED re-spray job. Call KONA and find out who is ok to do that work. If you (or anyone else) do/does the job, it will void the warranty.

I am assuming that you are talking $350-500 for the whole shebang. (shipping included.)
More if you go nuts with the paint scheme....
Yeah, I read that on their site...

I was just looking at a ballpark figure.

Thank you both!


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