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Frame choice???

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I was hoping for a little advice. My problem is that the frame is shot and I wanted to buy a new frame yet have it be compatible with all my components that came on the stock I-Drive 2.0(2001). I don't particularly care if it's another GT or not. Does it have to be an I-drive frame in order to be compatible. Also an idea of the frame costs would be appreciated.
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many choices

You've got a relatively new bike, so you can assume most of your components are standard and will fit on most of the current frames.

Go to the bike ratings section and read the reviews. You have hundreds to choose from, depending on how much you want to spend.
HTail is right, most things will transfer over. There is the possibility that your seatpost will be the wrong size and/or your front derailleur will not be compatible but aside from that everything should work just fine. Those are only two small items that can be sold and replaced with the appropriate size, so its not a huge deal.

Now you get to experiencing one of the best things about biking, researching your next purchase. Feel free to ask any questions you have here. Good luck!
Just curious, but how is your frame "shot"?

Curious minds need to know...
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