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Frame "abuse" from towing a trailer

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ok, so I'm sot sure if this should go in the perticular forum, but, heck- if the sages in here can't answer, then I'm not sure where to go. it is sort of frame-building related...

So, I recieved a burley for x-mas. it's roughtly 30 lbs and the normal "insert" (re: kid) is about the same. I'd like to be able to use it to be a grocery getter as well.

problem: I was told by a friend that pulling a trailer can cause all sorts of damage on a higher end frame. in this case, a litespeed (pre merlin merger, pre carbon, made actually in tennessee).

question 1: is there truth to this? if so, what could i possibly do to my frame? pop welds?
question 2: what frame specs would you look for in said grocery getter? mainly, a steel frame? other?

now, I'd love to be able to drop some coin on this and help one of you out, but I'd like it to be budget concious as well, (i.e. surly steamroller or something of that ilk) any brand recommendations? drop bar and 700c would be desired.

again, if this is the wrong place, mods, please move it to where it should be (Hi Shiggy!)
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trailer mounts cause uneven stresses on the chain or seat stays depending on what type of mount it is, qr moutns (like the bob trailer) tend to exaggerate wheel torquing over and try to twist the frame.
chain/seat-stay moutns place all the pulling forces on one side of the frame only.

if you're bombing throught he woods then yeah you'll tweak something probably...
but if your trailer time ismore sedate than your regular riding I wouldn't expect you to have too much of a problem.

my burley-esque trailer has been on:
surly steamroller
surly 1x1
kona king kahuna (scandium) 29er

my bob has been on:
misfit dissent, both surlys, santa cruz blur 4x, santa cruz heckler, merlin taiga.

nothing's broken yet; I hauled the bob with a fully loaded cooler and tons of food, and the burley-type trailer with kid and gear in tow weighing out at nearly 70 pounds not including trailer.

also rode the steamroller with a burley sidecar rig as well as the trailer rig att he same time...
funny, but stupid.
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Thanks for the reply- the trailer's going to pretty much only see road/path use. we've got a decent paved MUT system that will see most of the trailer.

amusing part: the lawyers decided that said trailer is only safe at 10 mph or lower. It felt nice and stable at about 25. oops.
ennh? which trailer?! a burley??? don't remember seeing speed ratings?
I can guarantee you no (commercial) bike was ever designed to run a sidecar rig AND a tow-behind but my surly handled it fine.
now that I think about it, I may've been running the karate monkey back then...not sure, should take a pic of the steam'r sorted full gear though, it's funny, and it hurts my knees a bit... :D
Back in the day I had a BOB that I used with a B4 AMP. Used it in the Seattle area. No problems and logged over 3000 miles with it.

Ethan, you are putting your frame and child in dire and imminent risk*. Call me immediately and we'll work out a build specifically for this purpose.

* I reckon the frame will be just fine.
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